1960 Le Ready to Wear 

Jean Bousquet founded «  Cacharel in 1958 ( derived form the provencal name for Garganay ducks, Lou cacharel ). During the cultural revolution of the 60‘s, the emergence of Ready to Wear clothing created by youngs stylists overturned traditional fashion sense and energetically bust onto the scene worldwide. Distribution modes changed: Cacharel was featured at the“ rayon 20 ans “ of galleries Lafayette, a clothing section specialized for 20 years old. The media also experienced unprecedented expansion : in publishing Elle magazine was propelled by Helene Lazereff and television started featuring avant-garde shows like Dim Dam Dom.

The 20 Glorious years

Cacharel brought together a close creative team including Corinne Sarrut, a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Sarah Moon, a young photographer , Robert Delpire, a talented advertise who orchestrated the launch of the Citroen Ds and Gérard Grandval , an architect awarded the grand prix of Rome.

For 20 years, this team worked to build a solid and inspirational base for brilliant creation and communication. Their talent was recognized in France and abroad as Cacharel won the export Oscar Award as well as first Prize of Film advertising and the golden Lion Prize at Cannes.

Two great successes marked the history of this period: Cotton of Crepe in 1964, a fabric reserved for lingerie. Cacharel created the clingy blouse that Brigitte Bardot wore without a bra, casually knotted above the waist. It became a worldwide success! 1968: Liberty with it is romantic aesthetic came after the cotton of crepe fabric that had embodied the pop scene.

Cacharel Perfume 

Cacharel flagrances have been developed in partnership with L’Oréal since 1978. Form Anais Anais to Yes I Am fabulous, they have left an impression on several generations of teenage girls. Cacharel opened the doors to a fascinating, fantasy world where dreams and poetry are combined with reality. 

The iconic Anais Anais, launched in 1978 remains one of the brand’s best selling perfumes in the world today. (120 million sold)

2020 Le Ready to World 

The Global power of the web is creating new opportunities for brands and revolutionizing consumer behaviour. Always eager for new products, young people are very aware of this renewal and getting the best value and quality for their money.

Made in France 

We are witnessing a very important change in the way millennials shop.

In order to satisfy clients in diversity, speed, quality and prices, we offer exclusively “ Made in France “ products .This allows us, in this 100% online market , to present collections exclusively designed to meet their expectations.

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